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Award-winning sustainable architecture in Scotland, offering advice and guidance on creating a more sustainable home.

At Nicholas Lindsay Architects, we are committed to creating sustainable homes that significantly minimise your carbon footprint. As an award-winning sustainable architecture studio in Scotland, we provide expert advice on renewable energies and sustainable materials to ensure your home is both eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Reducing you carbon footprint

Harnessing renewable energy

Passive House efficiency

Discover how we can help you realise the full potential of your home through award-winning sustainable design.

We believe that a well-designed home can play a crucial role in reducing environmental impact. By incorporating the latest technological advancements in 3D computer-aided design using Autodesk Revit, we can optimise building placement for solar gain and utilise solar analysis diagrams to prevent overheating during the summer months.

Our projects often feature renewable energy solutions such as ground source heat pumps (GSHP), air source heat pumps (ASHP), mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), and both solar thermal and photovoltaic solar panels. We advocate for the use of locally sourced materials, including timber, stone, slate, and clay plaster, to further enhance sustainability.

Embracing Passive House techniques and efficient detailing, we work closely with expert energy consultants to develop energy-efficient, low-carbon homes that surpass current building regulations. Our experience extends to remote sites, including off-grid homes equipped with solar electric battery storage, providing a sustainable alternative to costly grid connections. Our goal is to achieve a light environmental footprint with every project.

Sustainable Architecture

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