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Mews House, Glasgow

Mews House, Glasgow

A family home in a walled garden

Mews house is a linear design, comprising two rectangles set within a walled garden. The positioning of the house within the walled garden was key in order to provide different two courtyard garden spaces - 'front' & 'back' reminiscent of a traditional home layout. The two storey pitched roof element encloses the private bedroom and family spaces while the single storey flat roof contains the open plan living space.

The sloping site brought challenges to the layout of the house and we eventually decided to create a lower living area which is at the same level as the lower garden area. This helps to break up the open plan kitchen, living, dining area and gives more of a 'snug' feel. Large overhanging roofs and pergola were used to try and break up the strong southern sunlight.


Mews House, Glasgow

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