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Harrington House, Ayr

Harrington House, Ayr

A contemporary upside-down house on the Ayr coast

Our clients approached us to design a contemporary and energy efficient family home. The house has been designed to fit the site. The ground floor is wholly submerged within the existing natural landform to minimise disruption of the existing topography. The dwelling house will only appear as a two storey building when viewed from directly in front. It will appear as a single storey dwelling from all other angles.

The proposed dwelling will extend to four bedrooms and is arranged in a linear plan, to provide views from all of the key spaces and forming an easily recognisable addition to the building group. Externally, a generous drive and garage is required to provide ample vehicular access and storage area for the family and working from home requirements.

Design, Planning Permission, Building Warrant

Harrington House, Ayr

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