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How Much Does a New-Build House Cost?

8 January 2024

How Much Does a New-Build House Cost?

How Much Does a New-Build House Cost?

This is often one of the first questions we are asked by new Clients thinking of building their own home. In the current economic climate it is one of the most difficult aspects to judge. Pre-covid costs could be as low as £1,000 / m² for a well managed self-build and £2,500 for a good quality build with a project manager. 

Current build costs appear to start at around £2,500 / m². This will provide a good level of finish but is unlikely to stretch to high cost renewable energy sources or minimally-framed windows. This budget would likely cover standard materials such as render, timber cladding and slate but is unlikely to include more specialist materials such as metal cladding (zinc, copper, aluminium) and natural stone walling. We also advise that kitchens and bathrooms should not be included within the main build cost budget as some Clients could choose a kitchen that costs £10,000 and another might spend £50,000.

For a high quality finish, including renewable energies such as air source heat pump, in-roof photovoltaic panels, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and high levels of insulation you should expect a build cost upwards of £3,000 / m².

Please note VAT is not applicable on new build homes but it is applicable on works to existing houses. We have had conversations with Clients about the high cost of renovating and extending their home compared to building a new home. The obvious benefit of building a new home is it will be exactly what you want.

With the difficulties in negotiating the current market rates, we have often brought a quantity surveyor onto the project team early in the process. Their in-depth knowledge of the market helps projects stay on budget and prevent unwelcome surprises come the tender stage!

If you are looking to undertake a project, be it renovate / extend your current home or look to design a new home from scratch, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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