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Award-winning contemporary architecture in Scotland, standing the test of time.

At Nicholas Lindsay Architects, we believe that contemporary architecture should be timeless. A well-designed building should be able to stand the test of time. We are living in the age of contemporary architecture. Contemporary architecture is a style, rather than a movement and, as such, takes reference from all past architectural movements. We take inspiration from traditional architecture but do not wish to create a pastiche. We particularly enjoy the modern architecture period of the mid-20th Century, which is celebrated for the use of post & beam, exposed structure, and extensive glazed areas. Our designs are composed in a contemporary Scottish style, and we focus on 8 key principles:


Natural light



Exposed structure



Open-plan layouts

We are design-led practice, aiming to create contemporary architecture that is simple and elegant. We are focused on promoting a better way of living through design. As you will see from our portfolio, no two projects are the same. We feel strongly that each home should be designed to reflect the inhabitants and the surrounding context.

Discover how we can help you realise the full potential of your home through award-winning contemporary design.

Contemporary Architects

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