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Fairley House, Armadale

Fairley House, Armadale

A joint venture between son and father-in-law for two identical contemporary family homes

Initial sketches and precedent images from the client formed the basis for this design. With the aid of detailed 3D modelling we developed these sketches towards the finalised design. The whole process was a real collaborative effort which, was a great experience and something we really enjoy.

The house is roughly based around the shape of a letter 'H', which provides two wings separated by a central breakout space. Each wing was designed to have it's own unique identity and purpose, while the central area formed the main entrance and circulation area. Covered areas and extensive glazing provide focal points in the exterior design and help unite the design under one philosophy.

Interestingly these houses have been designed without a site! Our client has strong ideas on what the site should be and was therefore happy to proceed with the initial design for their dream home which would then help them find their dream site. An unusual process but one we are fully supporting.

Design, Planning Permission, Building Warrant, CML Certification, Site Inspections

Fairley House, Armadale

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