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Copperfield House, Inverness

Copperfield House, Inverness

A contemporary interpretation of the Scottish 'Long House' with views over the ocean

Set on the outskirts of Kirkhill, this new house takes it's inspiration from the traditional Scottish long houses. Use of hard wearing materials such as stone and zinc were used to battle the elements of the coast.

Conceived as two interlocking blocks, this house is designed as an informal, family home. Each block has it's own specific function; public and private. The sequence of arriving and filtering through the building was thoroughly considered to showcase specific views. The interior has a layout of free-flowing, flexible spaces, each one opening into the next.

The metal roofs take inspiration from the traditional vernacular farm buildings of the area. Here they are enveloped in standing seam zinc for a more polished finish. Heavy stone walls anchor the building in its rural setting. Integration and connection to the wider environment is the ultimate goal with this house, the latter being achieved through floor to ceiling glass which blurs the threshold between outside and interior.

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Copperfield House, Inverness

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