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Caledonia House, Ayrshire

Caledonia House, Ayrshire

Old meets new - sympathetically designed low lying house near historic castle.

Caledonia is a linear design taking into account the best feature of the site - the view. Set amongst mature pine trees the house seamlessly blends into the landscape with it's low roof and long shape ensuring the trees tower above the house.

The majority of the accommodation is formed on the ground floor, pride of place is given to the master bedroom which is the only room on the first floor. The master bedroom enjoys panoramic views of the surrounding countryside through floor to ceiling windows.

Covered external courtyard spaces and external fire place ensure the outside can be enjoyed all year round. The overhanging roof also protects the largely glazed ground floor from overheating in the summer and solar glare from the low lying winter sun.


Caledonia House, Ayrshire

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